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Prestige Gold Advanced Repair Serum (SMOOTH-E) - 50 ml.
Smooth E Prestige Advanced Repair Serum, intensive facial combines the power of B-Tox like peptides, hyaluronic acid and a Concentrated licorice extract to help revitalize skin, from the aging of ageing and dullness to the skin radiant, smooth, healthy.

amount Special price - 5 psc

- 7%
$129.00 $119.99
Net: 50 g
Gross: 184 g
Organic powder-mask ORIGINAL (Srichand Powder) - 20g.
was one of legendary beauty secrets of Thailand since 1948. The advantages of the products are such as reduction of the fat on the skin, which is one of the causes of acne and rash. It also helps to smooth the appearance of skin and suitable for sensitive skin. It also has a unique Aromaticheskie Supplement which, combined with other advantages, makes it an outstanding product.

amount Special price - 3 psc

- 7%
$5.40 $5.00
Net: 20 g
Gross: 55 g
Natural aroma bag for things (Cher aim) - 35gr.
This bag will give freshness to your underwear with a touch of Thai flavor, it must be hung in the closet. This bag is enough for 2 months of fresh fragrances of the Thai forest. 100% natural composition of dry essential oils, which evaporate and the pouch decreases with time ...

amount Special price - 12 psc

- 23%
$2.99 $2.30
Net: 35 g
Gross: 40 g
Thai Green Balm Clinacanthus nutans body (Cher Aim) - 22g.
Effective for injuries and sprains and bruises in the first days after injury, with problems associated with sprains of ligaments and tendons, as well as with joint pain-balm usilivaet blood flow in areas of application and contributes to improving the mobility of joints, the main component of the balm Clinacanthus nutans..

amount Special price - 6 psc

- 7%
$4.20 $3.90
Net: 22 g
Gross: 77 g
Cream for body and sports anesthetizing (MUAY) - 100g.
Cream Namman Muay is widely used in everyday life among athletes and recommended by sports doctors and coaches. The cream is used everywhere before serious games or serious long-term tournaments as maintenance and support tools for the muscles of the athletes as means for protecting the ligaments, which prevents stretching and tearing, to prepare to fight the most frequently traumatized body parts.

amount Special price - 100 psc

- 19%
$9.90 $7.99
Net: 100 g
Gross: 130 g
Plai Cream Relive Muscular Aches (ABHAIBHHUBEJHR) - 25g.
Cream is applied for muscular pains, sprain, joint pain, muscle pain relief, sports injuries. Thais have long rubbed a medicinal root ginger to a paste and applied to the affected pain areas of the body.

amount Special price - 17 psc

- 22%
$3.70 $2.90
Net: 25 g
Gross: 38 g
Thai orange balsam Cryptolepis Buchannai (Wang Prom) - 50g.
Thai orange balm contains the extract of plant Cryptolepis Buchannai, known in Thailand as Tao-EN-Oh. In Ayurveda "Cryptolepis Buchanan" for centuries used as an antibacterial, anti-ulcerative and anti-inflammatory agent that effectively cleanses the blood and treat rickets in children. TAO-EN-IT contains a serine-protease enzymes, which are responsible for the development of the inflammatory reaction and immune response, promoting local immunity.

amount Special price - 2 psc

- 4%
$5.20 $5.00
Net: 50 g
Gross: 138 g
Natural Moisturising Cream (VITARA) - 50g.
Natural ingredients Vitara-E will make your skin healthier, reduce or eliminate superficial wrinkles, helps the skin recover from scars, reduce the appearance of stretch marks during and after pregnancy, protecting the skin from harmful influence of UV rays will keep your skin soft and give a young and fresh look..

amount Special price - 10 psc

- 14%
$14.58 $12.50
Net: 50 g
Gross: 131 g
Thai Black Balsam Cobra Balm Original (CocoD) - 200g.
Royal Balm "Cobra Original". Black balsam contains over 100 medicinal components of Thai herbs and plants, extracts of bone and snake skin, the balm provides a quick distraction, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, reduces inflammation, swelling and discomfort caused by pain in the joints, improves the condition of the veins with varicose. Helps with arthritis, polyarthritis and arthrosis, treats inflammation of the joints and strengthens bones in osteoporosis.

amount Special price - 3 psc

- 9%
$16.50 $14.99
Net: 200 g
Gross: 375 g
Vine Figurine 12 cm.
Vai  simple, standing, sitting, lying and while moving. People of the same social status greet each other with folded hands at chest level, fingers pointing up, parallel to the body, thumbs touch the chest, the head is bent so that the tip of the nose to touch the middle fingers folded together hands. When greeting people with a high social status palm raised just above the tip of the thumb against the chin, the tips of the index fingers touch the tip of the nose

amount Special price - 3 psc

- 17%
$7.27 $6.00

Gross: 77 g
Wooden stick for the foot massage (Ratshaburi Province) - 15cm.
Massage stick can be used at home for foot massage. The stick for traditional Thai foot massage helps to more effectively affect the reflex points of the feet and achieve absolute relaxation and a sense of inner comfort, stimulate the functions of all internal organs. System sessions (2 times a week) allow you to achieve a state of inner balance and harmony ...

amount Special price - 25 psc

- 40%
$4.20 $2.50
Net: 30 g
Gross: 32 g
Tea is a natural slimming - (Sliming Herb) - 50 bags.
Is very popular worldwide and widely used for weight loss. Herbal tea can be used as a laxative and as a slimming product, when used in addition to any other weight loss program, diet and regular exercise.

amount Special price - 26 psc

- 18%
$8.56 $7.00
Net: 41 g
Gross: 117 g
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