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In Muay Thai and martial arts often special balms and oils are used. The Thai oils and the Tiger Balm are probably the best known. For what they find application and where you can buy it? Find out here! Muay Thai Oil Liniment: Tigerbalm, creams and more- All information about application, side effects and ingredients.   The effect of Thai Oil in Muay Thai and other Martial Arts: What the Thai oil is actually used, outsiders rarely understand. Professionals on the other hand know exactly for what it is used in Muay Thai, Kickboxing and MMA. Thai oils, Thai creams and the famous Tiger Balm warm the muscles, release tension and relieve pain and aching muscles. Moreover blunt trauma is deflected to the fighters a little bit. Thai oils in other sports: But n ..

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The problem of varicose veins - the problem is not the veins, and the whole body. In the body, there are no particular problems, local pathology, there are only partial signs, which are today the most severe manifestations of the aggregate of the set of explicit and hidden violations. This equally applies to skin diseases, and symptom of allergy (in whatever form it is manifested), and the syndrome of "chronic prostatitis" men or "chronic adnexitis" in women who are only a manifestation of the complex hormonal and metabolic disorders and to a syndrome "asthma" is not a disease of the lungs and bronchus, but is primarily a consequence of allergenicity, which itself is a consequence primarily of hormonal disturbances. In the body, there is no particular proble ..

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- Thai balms have long been able to establish itself as a means of acting in the world of medical cosmeceuticals and beyond. They are completely natural and very effective. Most often they are used for medicinal purposes to treat a variety of diseases of the body.    Types of Thai Body balm:   - There are different kinds of Thai balsams. They are usually distinguished by color. Each color corresponds to certain characteristics of balsam and functions that it has. However, all balms have a warming effect, which manifests itself in varying degrees. For example, white - warm quite a bit, and black - the most. In addition, all balms can be used during the massage, as well as for the treatment of pain, and the various problems associated with diseases of the joi ..

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SINS THE NECK? AS A NECK OSTEOCHONDROSIS, INFLUENCES ON OUR CONDITION.   At the initial stage, bones and ligaments undergo changes.   And that our body signals a periodic pain or a violation of the sensitivity of the department affected by osteochondrosis. Then cracks appear and the height of standing of the disk changes, and the points of attachment of muscles and ligaments belonging to two adjacent vertebrae approach each other. Therefore, the muscles and ligaments sag and the vertebrae begin to easily slide off or move relative to each other.. Then more serious symptoms are added to the pain: the fact is that in the upper part of the spinal column, in addition to the nerves, there are arteries that feed the cerebellum, the vestibular apparatus and the importan ..

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    How to swim with osteochondrosis?   Properly designed physical activity helps to alleviate the symptoms of osteochondrosis. During the voyage, all the muscles are well worked out, the blood circulation is normalized, the body’s tone is restored, and overall health is strengthened. That is why this kind of physical activity is indicated in many diseases. Can swimming help with osteochondrosis? How, where and how much should you swim to alleviate the course of the disease? Answers to these and other questions further.   What is the use of swimming for patients with osteochondrosis?   If you do exercises on land, body weight is felt stronger and sometimes contributes to fatigue. In water, the opposite is true: the body seems to be wei ..

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