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  • Net: 4.3 g
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1. Air Small packet (± 10 days) 2. Normal (±14-30 days) 3. EMS (5-12 days).

Short description

“Preaw Chlorophyll” is a dietary supplement that comes in a Powder form and is a great alternative for those who are Health Conscious. It contains 25,000 micrograms of Chlorophyll per pack, extracted from Japanese Mulberry leaves and no Sugar or Cholesterol. Preaw Chlorophyll is easy to mix and convenient. It helps the body flush out toxins and reduces toxin build up. The supplement also helps with water absorption. As it makes its way through the large intestines, it is able to help absorb toxins along the way. This reduces a source of body and mouth odor. Preaw Chlorophyll also helps normalize bowel movements, leaving you with fresh clear skin.

Preaw Brand / Detox with chlorophyll 4.25 g.



– Boosts immunity, restores vitality. It is a component contained in any plant. Thanks to this pigment the plant are green in color, and it contributes to the absorption of light so necessary for the normal course of photosynthesis. In General, chlorophyll is the life blood of plants. Studies have shown that in addition to plants, this ingredient has a beneficial effect on the human body. Powder chlorophyll with vitamin C, Apple extract and fructose revitalizes, stimulates the immune system and gives vitality to the body. In order to obtain the desired result it is required to pass a health exam, which should last for 30 days. You need to consume 1-2 sachets for 1 day. Basically chlorophyll is recommended for people, little abides in the fresh air, experiencing the lack of sunlight, suffering from a weakened immune system. Contained in the chlorophyll components, particularly vitamin K, nitrogen and magnesium have a restorative effect on the body and at the same time suspend the first signs of aging. Especially needed the chlorophyll in the fall and winter.

Additional information:

• “Preaw Chlorophyll” is a nutritional Supplement which comes in powder form and is a great alternative for those who conscious health. It contains 25 000 micrograms of chlorophyll per package extracted from Japanese mulberry leaves and no sugar or cholesterol. Preaw Chlorophyll mixes easily and convenient. It helps the body flush out toxins and reduce the accumulation of toxins. The Supplement also helps in absorbing water. As it passes through the colon, it can help to absorb toxins along the way. This reduces the source of body odor and mouth. Preaw Chlorophyll also helps to normalize bowel movements, leaving you with fresh clear skin.

• It is the prevention and treatment of various inflammatory processes. Chlorophyll has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Chlorophyll contains many trace elements that restore the digestive tract, and normalize bowel function.

• CHLOROPHYLL: — Regulates menstrual cycle — Improves milk production in lactating women — Revitalizes vascular system legs — Improves the condition of varicose veins — Treats migraine headaches — Helps in the treatment of cystitis. 

• life-giving Chlorophyll for detox is especially important to take during flu season, if you are sick or subject to sharp mood swings.

CHLOROPHYLL health: — Increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood — Fights cancer cells — whereas the lack of iron in the body — Helps with anemia — Helps to cleanse the liver — Improves the condition in hepatitis — Helps in hemophilia — Helps the healing of abrasions and inflammation — Neutralizes unpleasant body odors — Helps rapid healing of wounds — Cleans teeth and gums — Eliminates bad breath — Is a great addition to rinse after oral operations — Buffers ulcer tissue — Soothes painful hemorrhoidal lumps — it Helps the Cathars — Reduces pain, inflammation — Improves vision — Calms the nervous system, promotes good sleep and reduces snoring.



 100% plant extract mulberry. 

Net and packing

- 4.25 g, 

English name

- Preaw Brand Detox with chlorophyll 4.25 g.


- Before use, to prepare 700 ml of room temperature water and dissolve in it the contents of one packet. Application of chlorophyll is selected individually . Can children in compliance with the dosages.


Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight, out of reach of children.



Preaw Brand / Thailand.


Main characteristics
Type of product Detox herbal
net weight 4.25g.
Suitable women;men
Treatment characteristics
assignment Dysbiosis;Increased immunity;Infections in the stomach;kidney Stones;Cleaning of the kidneys;detox the body
Age category 17 years and older
Additional characteristics
Packing size small
gross 6g.



– in Addition to Homo Sapiens, all known mammals while diseases go on a green diet. Healing properties of the plant crops are known for centuries. Powerful herbal potential as life-saving means explained by the fact that green plants contain a huge amount of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll converts the energy of sunlight, thereby playing a crucial role in plant life. If you stick to a purely scientific definition of the substance, the chlorophyll is a green pigment, through which the plant takes the light energy by photosynthesis. Researchers have long paid attention to the fact that the molecule structure of chlorophyll is amazingly similar to the structure of haemoglobin – key respiratory pigment of blood cells. The only difference is that in the middle of the chelate system of chlorophyll is a magnesium atom, while in the center of hemoglobin-iron. This is why the green pigment in the blood has nearly the same effect as the hemoglobin; i.e., increases oxygen levels, accelerating the nitrogen metabolism. The importance of chlorophyll Chlorophyll contains chlorophyll, which gives way affects cell membranes, forms the connective tissue, thereby helping in the healing of ulcers, erosions, open sores. Pigment helps to strengthen the overall immune properties of the organism, accelerating the process of phagocytosis. In addition to these amazing qualities, chlorophyll prevents the pathological transformation of DNA molecules. A number of scientists believe that chlorophyll effectively blocks the first phase of treatment of healthy cells into cancer cells. It extends the properties of chlorophyll, and the antimutagenic to another level. Importance of vitamin K the coagulation Chlorophyll contains vitamin K. because of his presence in the composition of Chlorophill, the drug serves as an excellent preventive remedy for kidney stones because it inhibits the formation of urine crystals of calcium oxalate. Chlorophyll is able to remove toxins from the body; it also has a small diuretic effect. In addition, he is endowed with a deodorizing effect, helping with unpleasant mouth odor. Good indicators present during the raising function of the pancreas and thyroid glands. The drug from Preaw Brand works perfectly during anemic conditions, coordinates blood pressure, stimulates the bowels, helps to relieve nervousness. Chlorophyll is especially useful for people who, for one reason or another do not get enough sunlight – for example, residents of Metropolitan areas or office workers.


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