Essential oil (Darawadee) - 100ml.


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A good natural aroma-oil, from a well-known manufacturer in Thailand, a large volume of oil for a low price, and a large selection of fragrance to choose from...

Darawadee / Essential oil



Aromatherapy oil  — this odorous liquid mixture of volatile substances derived from plants. Flowers, stems, leaves and berries contain an aromatic oil in very small doses, and in plants of the tropics and subtropics percentage of these valuable substances more. Real natural essential oil is expensive. These substances are known since ancient times. They were used for perfuming the body and space, as well as for medicinal purposes. Most of them are readily soluble in gasoline, ether, wax, liquid oils and very bad — in the water.

How to use aromatic oils?

the Use of essential oils is very wide. They are used for inhalation, added to the massage cream. A warm bath with aromatic oil, pre-mixed with milk or honey, a lovely relaxing relieving any stress. For scenting rooms oil drip in the first or made a special candle with a few drops of oil. Burning scented candle gradually heats up, filling the room with delicate fragrance. There is the concept of "aromatherapy", which means "treatment fragrances". The smells are different, pleasant and annoying, some calm the nervous system, others invigorate. The secret of treatment with fragrances known for many centuries, the healing effect is based on impact through the senses of touch and smell and through the skin by direct contact. The molecules of the oil penetrate into the body in different ways, for example, through the skin during a massage or through the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract by inhalation, activates biochemical processes, affecting the internal organs. Increase body tone and the person feels better mentally and physically. How to choose an essential oil? It is important to choose the right essential oil, you need to study its properties and check how it acts on a specific person. There are no allergic reactions to any components of this complex substance. Rose oil is beneficial for all skin types, rejuvenates and regenerates cells, soothes. Lavender-relieves stress, has a pronounced choleretic, diuretic, diaphoretic, anthelmintic properties, moisturizes the skin and has a bactericidal action. Tea tree oil-powerful antiseptic, used to heal wounds, treat insect bites. Essential oils of eucalyptus, fir, lemon, lavender, peppermint, pine, rosemary, sage is useful in influenza, they are often used for inhalation.

Natural essential oil properties and applications:

• the composition of natural essential oils includes about 500 different chemical structures of complex organic substances, which provides a wide range of therapeutic and cosmetic effect..

• All natural essential oils: - anti-microbial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and part — antiviral, immunomodulating and antioxidant action. Plus, for all methods of application, especially in the small concentrations that may lead to, they act as strong regulators of the emotional state..

• If you use them as cosmetics (in different ways, for outdoor use), along the way you can through the olfactory organs and skin to regulate the quality of the functioning of internal organs and body as a whole..

• If you use them as cosmetics (in different ways, for outdoor use), along the way you can through the olfactory organs and skin to regulate the quality of the functioning of internal organs and body in General. " Before you start applying, you should do a test on individual sensitivity to used essential oil.


Composition :

100% natural essential oils.


- On body oil has a moisturizing effect.

the Feeling - the smell (aroma oil)

- the Odor immediately after opening.

Net and packing

- 100 ml Glass jar with black plastic lid and additional plastic tube. 

the English name

- Essential oil (Darawadee) - 100ml.


the Procedure of nutritional massage : — 1 tbsp vegetable oil-the basics — 3-5 cap essential oil aromates be rubbed into the scalp, wrap hair in towel, leave on for 1-1.5 hours, then rinse shampoo. If suddenly after or during the procedure, headache, amount of essential oils should be reduced.

the Procedure of rinsing : — 7-10 cap essential oil — 5 ml of 70% alcohol — 1 gallon of water Essential oil mix with alcohol, dilute in water. Potpourri use for rinsing hair with his eyes closed, after shampooing.


the Procedure of aromaerotic: baths for strengthening nails — 5-10 cap essential oil — from 300 to 500 ml of water (40-50 deg.) — emulsifier, it can be: honey, baking soda, sea salt -1/2 hours spoon; cream, milk, 1-2 tea spoon of Essential oil mixed with an emulsifier, diluted with water. Finger tips (hands or feet) are immersed in aromatic water for 5-7 min. after the procedure, you can make the application of aromatose.

Procedure application :   7 — 10 cap essential oil — 1 tbsp oil-the basics of Linking, to cover the nail and the area periungual rollers, for 3-5 minutes has not been absorbed by aromastase RUB in until the end.

the Procedure, aroma-shower: — 5-7 cap essential oil-10 ml oil-base, you can : — 2-3 cap essential oil — 1 teaspoon of gel is Applied to the body (excluding face and crotch), a little RUB, wash off with warm water .

the Procedure of anti-cellulite rubbing. — 7-10 cap essential oil.



• idiosyncrasy.


• If the treatment of the disease requires the use of medicines, aromatherapy treatments carried out in conjunction with drug treatment and should be agreed with your doctor. The use of essential oils for diseases is not a replacement for medication and other treatments..


• Darawadee , Thailand.

Main characteristics
Type of product Essential oil
net weight 100ml.
Suitable men;women
Treatment characteristics
assignment Aroma therapy;Aroma lamps;Massage;Aromamedalony
Age category 18 years and older
Additional characteristics
Tactile feelings of the body nice
Packing size big
gross 126g.

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