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BalmHelp.com  - website Which is the representation on the Internet, it provides medical Thai balms and ointments, created to treat various ailments, such as osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, fractures, neuralgic muscular pains and many other diseases - "BALMHELP.com &  THAILAND". from Thailand around the world.

  For most people, the state of the back muscles is almost familiar. Practically every person, one way or another, has to either experience serious physical exertion (a kitchen garden in a country house, playing sports, lifting and carrying heavy things), or for various reasons being in an uncomfortable (non-physiological) posture (computer work, driving and .d.) As a result, there is pain in the muscles of the back, which we usually attribute to fatigue or eternal & laquo; pulled, stretched & raquo; etc. In fact, the reasons for such pain can be very much, and often it signals problems that are much larger than just overworking the muscles. Myalgia & mdash; The most likely cause of pain This pain syndrome develops in various diseases of the spine. A manifestation of myalgia is muscle and fascial pain in the back muscles, which develops due to the constant uneven load on the muscle corset of the back, resulting in fatigue of the muscle fibers, which over time is supplemented by oxygen starvation (it begins due to a mismatch of blood flow to the muscle and oxygen consumption). Myalgia can develop due to a variety of reasons. This may be osteochondrosis, herniated intervertebral discs, scoliosis, etc. There are also a number of mechanical factors predisposing to the onset of this syndrome: short leg syndrome, which is the most common cause of scoliosis. The insidiousness of such a pathology is that most people simply do not attach importance to it, regarding the reduction of the length of one leg by several millimeters as the norm. In fact, the difference in the length of the legs of 3-4 mm in a child can lead to an incorrect position of the pelvis and improper growth, as a result of which the curvature of the spine begins. At the same time, the difference in leg length may increase with age, aggravating existing problems; Due to overwork of the muscles of the back and pain syndrome develops Due to overwork of the muscles of the back and pain decreases the size of half of the pelvis. In this case, the person always sits not evenly, but slightly leaning in that direction, where the height of the pelvis is less. Naturally, the muscular system on this side is overloaded. In addition, this problem very often appears in combination by shortening one leg; & laquo; Greek & raquo; the foot in which the second bone of the tarsus is extended. As a result, the foot loses its shock absorber properties, respectively, an increased load on the muscles, first of the legs, and then of the back, is obtained, which is the reason for the appearance of such pain syndrome; short shoulders. This is a very rare pathology, which is a reduction in the length of the shoulder relative to the torso. As a result, the muscles of the shoulder girdle are subjected to constant tension, after which the trigger points, which are located in the scoop lifter and the trapezius muscle, begin to activate; kyphosis of the thoracic spine, which is also called stoop. In this case, the excess tension is felt by the muscles of the shoulder and neck regions; stress that a person experiences during prolonged stay in an uncomfortable position. This often happens in people of certain professions and with the wrong organization of the place of work or study; blocking the function of one of the joints. This is one of the most important factors in the event of pain, for example, because of this very reason, the broadest muscle of the back usually hurts. Usually such a block appears in one of the segments of the spine; prolonged squeezing of the muscles. For example, the straps of a bag and a heavy backpack, a tight collar, etc .; gynecological pathology can cause pain in the lumbar region. As you can see, for the most part, the causes of myalgia are mechanical. Some muscles become overworked, as a result of which the pain syndrome develops. Quite often, such problems are aggravated by a lack of vitamins, as a result of which the excitability of the trigger points increases. It should be noted that the method of treatment and prevention in this case is one & ndash; an active lifestyle, proper nutrition (providing a person with enough vitamins and minerals) and therapeutic exercises. Although an independent "fight" and raquo; with such problems it often turns out to be useless due to their specificity, therefore it is much better to consult a doctor for recommendations. Other causes of back pain When thinking about why muscles can hurt, we must not forget that myalgia; This is not the only cause of such pain. There are a number of problems in which the back muscles respond with pain in one way or another. At the same time, these reasons are completely different and the treatment for each of them is individual. Excessive loads The muscles of the back strain even when you sit at the computer. The muscles of the back tighten even when you sit at the computer. The vast majority of episodic and chronic back pain occurs due to excessive loads on the lower back. The back muscles experience constant tension even if you are not involved in sports, do not dig a garden, and do not drag. For example, when you just sit in front of the monitor, it is the back muscles that support your body weight in the right position. That is why people with a “sit” & raquo; work advised to sit in a chair as possible & laquo; deeper & raquo; and lean against the back of the chair, and periodically take breaks and get up from the table. Thus, the back muscles are a little unloaded. In addition, people with this lifestyle simply need to be active in order to compensate for the uneven load on their backs. Injuries and bruises In this case, it is not only about the consequences of direct blows and bruises, as a result of which a hematoma and a little pain appear. Much more serious & ndash; these are various stretches, after which a muscle spasm occurs. This is possible with an unsuccessful sudden turn, jump, throw. Any heavy load on unheated pre-muscles can be dangerous. The best solution in this case is to consult a doctor for advice, because & laquo; folk methods & raquo; There are a lot of ways to get rid of such problems, but not all of them are equally effective, and some of them can be harmful. Myositis This cause of pain in the back muscles is also quite common. In fact, it is inflammation of the muscle, which is usually accompanied by aching pain. In this case, the muscles themselves are compacted and are in constant tension, there is pain when probing. And the chronic form of this disease, which is almost not accompanied by pain, can lead to the saddest consequences, even atrophy of some muscles. Myositis cannot be cured itself, because there can be many reasons for its occurrence & ndash; trauma, infection, parasites, toxic substances, etc. and treatment should be chosen precisely taking into account the cause of inflammation. It is the cause of the appearance of myositis that doctors have to establish, conducting a series of additional studies. At the same time, an attempt to simply relieve inflammation, although it will produce a result, is likely to prove temporary. Lumbago Lumbago - another & quot; perpetrator & quot; Lumbago acute back pain & mdash; another & laquo; culprit & raquo; Acute back pain Under this term is understood acute back pain. The cause of such pain is usually an overstrain. Usually lumbago appears after a sharp movement, which is aimed at lifting heavy loads. The pain in the muscles in this case can also be caused by various reasons & ndash; displacement of the vertebrae, for example, intervertebral hernia. Hypothermia, as well as injuries and diseases of the spine, can provoke the appearance of this pain syndrome. In general, lumbago requires serious treatment by a doctor. In this case, several days of bed rest, taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers are perceived as standard. Intervertebral hernia In this case, the pain appears not only in the muscles. The cause of the pain is simple & ndash; there is a compression of the nerve roots of the spinal cord, and they respond with pain. Muscle pain is also often observed, since muscle spasm almost always occurs in the affected area. Thus, the body is trying to immobilize and protect the damaged part of the spine from movements. In general, the cause of this disease is the degeneration of connective and muscle tissue, as well as metabolic disorders. As a result, the intervertebral disc loses its depreciation properties and gradually goes beyond the limits of the spinal column. At some point, the damaged disk does not stand up, and the intervertebral hernia itself is formed. Very often such a hernia puts pressure on the muscles, ligaments or nerve endings, which leads to the appearance of pain. The treatment in this case is very similar to the treatment for lumbago, with the only difference being that in this case the preparations for relieving muscle spasm (muscle relaxants) can also be used. For the rest, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, painkillers and bed rest remain unchanged. Also used a number of physiotherapeutic methods in the treatment of this disease. By the way, you may also be interested in the following FREE materials: Free books: & quot; TOP-7 harmful exercises for morning exercises, which you should avoid & quot; | & laquo; 6 rules for effective and safe stretching & raquo; Restoration of the knee and hip joints in case of arthrosis - free video of the webinar, which was conducted by an exercise therapy doctor and sports .


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